For studio & XR application, zonePro released Quatro XR series

For studio & XR application, zonePro released Quatro XR series



zonePro recently released Quatro XR which has been specifically developed for use in Film & Television industries as well as extended reality applications.



The XR offers trusted reliable performance with sophisticated & high-speed components such as wide color gamut LEDs, high speed & high grayscale IC drivers and broadcast standard processing.

zonePro’s intelligent electronic design capabilities performed a critical role in the XR’s high-performance abilities, creating a display that is meticulously close to real-life imagery.

With a high data refresh rate of 7,680Hz, frame frequency of 250Hz and true grayscale of 16 bits, the zonePro Quatro XR can easily be synchronized with most of brands of high-quality broadcast cameras, no even one frame delay.


Generating a good canvas for virtual & simulated production is not only the assembly of the LED panels to create a perfectly flat face. The LED panel data processing and broadcast equipment work in concert to complement and strengthen each other, so that stunning results are achieved. zonePro Quatro XR is the complete product capable of achieving remarkable imagery.

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