zonePro Plans to Set up New Factory in Huizhou,China

zonePro Plans to Set up New Factory in Huizhou,China



Recently, zonePro purchased a five-story building in Huizhou as a new factory for LED screen R&D and production. The new factory is scheduled to be completed and put into operation in July 2022.


zonePro and Zhongbo are headquartered in Shenzhen, with an office & production area of over 2,000 square meters and annual sales of over 60 million USD in 2019. From 2014 to 2019, our annual turnover growth rate exceeded 150%. Shenzhen factory can no longer support the company's long-term production planning, so we plan to set up a new production factory in Huizhou,China.



zonePro Shenzhen Office

zonePro new factory in Huizhou is only 70 kilometers away from Shenzhen, an hour's drive so it is very convenient to visit the new factory. Huizhou is becoming another major LED display intelligent manufacturing base after Shenzhen. At present, lots of LED display manufacturers including listed companies have set up factories in Huizhou.



New Factory Renderings

zonePro's new factory consists of a five-storey building and another entire floor of office ,with a total area of over 8,000 square meters. We will SMT the PCB, assemble both modules and panels, and we are also equiped with full and auto machines to produce cables needed in new factory.


zonePro will be able to provide customers with higher quality products, faster delivery and better service in new factory.


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