zonePro 228.75㎡ rental led screen witnessed “An American Love Affair” in USA

ZonePro 228.75㎡ rental led screen witnessed “An American Love Affair” in USA



On June 30, an American sports car company celebrated its 70th anniversary in Kentucky, USA and ZonePro Quatro rental led screen witnessed these significant moments.

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The anniversary celebration was held at the cars' Museum showroom in Kentucky, USA. Featuring the latest digital technologies including one ZonePro LED screen in the showroom, audience can easily learn its history and glory.

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This LED screen consists of 366 pcs of 500*1000mm panels and 183 pcs of 500*500mm panels, 91.5m(H) * 2.5m(H), total 228.75㎡. These are flat panels,connected by connecting plates to make a large concave led screen. This curved LED large screen wraps the exhibition hall, providing a better viewing angle and experience for the audience.

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ZonePro Quatro P2.9 Indoor Event Production Panel

“An epic history requires an epic treatment, and this is exactly what the new skywall does, the 8.5 ft tall, nearly 300 ft long LED screen transforms the interior of the iconic Skydome into a jaw-dropping continuous video moment that captures the energy, sight, sound, and experience of the cars.” Quoted from the museum's website.

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Anniversary Celebration

This screen is Quatro series, ZonePro indoor event production panels, P2.9. Learn more about ZonePro Quatro series: Quatro.


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