Quatro ( Indoor & outdoor )

Quatro ( Indoor & outdoor ) Quatro ( Indoor & outdoor )

Quatro ( Indoor & outdoor )

Quatro series by Zonepro is a class leading modular LED display panel with IP and brightness options available for both indoor & outdoor applications. With a wide range of pixel pitches,  2.9mm to 4.8mm for outdoor use and 1.5mm,2.6mm,2.9mm,3.9 for indoor use, Quatro is well suited as a top spec rental and event panel or can be permanently installed.The same high strength diecast magnesium chassis is utilized for all applications along with the power and signal back box, allowing Quatro to be fully front and rear serviceable. The Quatro is available in 500mm (w) x 1000 (h) climbable chassis, along with 500mm (w) x 500mm (h) half frames to give you ultimate flexibility in wall shape and size.

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Quatro ( Indoor & outdoor )

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Pixel Pitch(mm)1.5(GOB)
LED ConfigurationSMD1212SMD1515SMD2020SMD2020
Pixel Density(pixels/㎡)409,600147,456112,89665,536
Module Size(W x H mm)250x250250x500250x500250x500
Module Resolution(pixels)160x16096×192 84x16864x128
Panel Size(W x H mm)500x500500x1000500x1000500x1000
Panel Resolution(pixels)320x320192×384168×336128×256
Panel Weight(kg/pc)9kg12kg12kg12kg
Cabinet MaterialsDiecast Magnesium
Curveable-6°, -3°, 0°,+3°,+6°
Power Consumption(Max/Avg) W/㎡420/140
Refresh Rate3840Hz
Gray Scale≤14 bits
Ingress ProgressIP30
Scan Ratio1/401/241/281/16


Pixel Pitch(mm)
LED ConfigurationSMD1415SMD1415SMD1921
Pixel Density(pixels/㎡)112,89665,53643,264
Module Size(W x H mm)250x500250x500250x500
Module Resolution(pixels)84x16864x12852x104
Panel Size(W x H mm)500x1000500x1000500x1000
Panel Resolution(pixels)168x336128x256104x208
Panel Weight(kg/pc)14.5kg14.5kg14.5kg
Cabinet MaterialsDiecast Aluminum
Curveable-6°, -3°, 0°,+3°,+6°
Power Consumption(Max/Avg) W/㎡700/233700/233700/233
Refresh Rate3840-7680Hz3840-7680Hz3840-7680Hz
Gray Scale≤14 bits≤14 bits≤14 bits
Ingress ProgressIP65IP65IP65
Scan Ratio1/141/81/8





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