MIO (LED Koisk)

MIO (outdoor) MIO (outdoor)

MIO (outdoor)

MIO is designed and built for real outdoor applications. It is easy to install without extra bracket and can be managed at a close distance easily. With Novastar cloud and APP, multiple kiosks can be smart & efficiently managed remotely. It saves your time and labor cost to change ad of traditional sign and make sure the latest ad and info can reach your customer as soon as possible.

MIO (outdoor)

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Pixel Pitch (mm)1.86052.53.0764.03.914.81
Module Resolution172x86128x64104x5280x4064x6452x52
Module Size (W x H mm)320x160320x160320x160320x160
Pixel Density (pixels/m²)288,895160,000105,62662,50065,53643,264
LED Screen Size960x1760mm (W x H)
1000x1750mm (W x H)
LED Screen Resolution516x946384x704312x572240x440256x448208x364
Total Sizesingle side: 1140x2230x183mm  double side: 1140x2230x228mm

single side: 1180x2380x183mm
double side: 1180x2380x228mm

Cabinet Weightsingle side, 215kg/pc; double side, 285kgs/pc

single side, 230kg/pc;

double side, 300kgs/pc

Ingress ProtectionIP55/IP55IP55/IP55IP55/IP55IP55/IP55IP55/IP55IP55/IP55
Refresh Rate (Hz)3840Hz3840Hz3840Hz3840Hz3840Hz3840Hz
Brightness (nits)3,500-4,5003,500-4,5003,500-4,5005,000-5,8005,000-5,8005,000-5,800
Power Consumption (W/m²)670 / 200670 / 200670 / 200670 / 200670 / 200670 / 200


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