ZonePro 2023 LED Screen Cases and Awards Review

ZonePro 2023 LED Screen Cases and Awards Review



In 2023, ZonePro has done a number of classis LED screen projects around the world. ZonePro can not only provide customers with high quality and professional LED screen product, but also product design and customization, installation, and after-sales services. Let's review the classis cases ZonePro has done in 2023.

P2.6 Indoor Rental LED Screen in a Showroom in Kentucky, USA

ZonePro 228.75 sqm Quatro P2.6 indoor rental led screen shined at Corvette car museum in Kentucky, USA. This curved LED large screen wraps the exhibition hall, providing a better viewing angle and experience for the audience.


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650sqm Foldable LED Mesh Screen Installed in Shanxi, China

This is cultural tourism LED mesh screen project. What attracted audiences the most is that it can be lifted and folded. It is usually folded and hidden under the stage, and can be raised when needed. ZonePro customized the screen, its structure and installed it for clients.


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608sqm Naked-eye LED Screen in China

ZonePro's solution for outdoor curved led screen is that we use normal flat led screen cabinets and small modules to make curved screen. Small module and customized cabinet can make perfect curved connections, which is better than right-angled cabinet.


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1250sqm indoor led screen in Shanghai Platinum Hanjue Hotel

This project consists of many screens, different pixel pitch, different size and shapes. With excellent service and high-quality LED screen product, ZonePro has maintained a long-term friendly relationship with Platinum Hanjue Hotel. In the past few years, ZonePro has installed nearly 10,000 square meters of LED screens for its hotels around China


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149.5sqm Customized LED Mesh Screen in Macao Hotel

The biggest challenge of this project is that the shape of the whole screen is complicated and changeable. The same goes for its steel structure. Each single piece of screen needs to be individually customized as there is almost no two pieces of screen with the same shape and size.  ZonePro's engineers finally determined that the entire display will be divided into 120 small pieces. Each piece is about 1 meter wide and the height will be tailored to it actual size based on its location.


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ZonePro was award the national high-tech enterprise certificate again and won the “Excellent Product Award”in 2023.


National High-Tech Enterprise


Excellent Product Award for wallPad


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