650sqm Foldable LED Mesh Sceen for Stage in Shanxi,China,2023

650sqm Foldable LED Mesh Screen Installed in Shanxi,China,2023



 Recently, ZonePro's another outdoor led mesh screen project was successfully installed and put into use in the Huaqing Palace, Xian, Shanxi, China.


Huaqing Palace was the palace of Tang dynasty emperor when they travelled, and now it's a famous tourist spot in Xi'an. In Huaqing Palace, there is a huge stage for the stage play: Song of Eternal Regret.


"Song of Eternal Regret" is China's first large-scale live-action historical dance drama created by Shaanxi Tourism Group. Based on Bai Juyi's famous story "Song of Eternal Regret", it fully uses high-tech stage lighting, combines historical stories with live-action performances, and reproduces the love story of Li Longji and Yang Guifei in Huaqing Palace.


ZonePro designed a foldable outdoor mesh LED screen for the stage. The screen is outdoor P40/20 with a screen size of 650 sqm. High & low temperature test and 100% waterproof test ensuring high quality product delivery. ZonePro is responsible for the drawing design of the screen, product production, project installation and construction and other services.

The screen can be lifted and folded, providing large HD background screens for stage performances,which will attract more tourists and improve the visibility of the palace.


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