An eye-catching project of 149.5㎡ led mesh done in a hotel lobby in Macao

An eye-catching project of 149.5㎡ led mesh done in a hotel lobby in Macao



ZonePro did a project of 149.5㎡ led mesh screen in a very creative shape and with lots of custom work in a hotel lobby in Macao. This project started in June 2022 and was completed in August 2022.

Creative, lightweight, and see-through are the key features required by the final customer. This flexible mesh screen, which floats like a ribbon in the hotel lobby, is creative and eye-catching.

led mesh screen-01.jpg

led mesh screen-02.jpg

P80 flexible mesh led screen in Macao

This is a double-faced P80 indoor flexible mesh led screen and screen size is 149.5㎡. The screen is transparent, lightweight, and foldable. It can be freely combined into any other shapes.


P80 flexible mesh led screen

The biggest challenge of this project is that the shape of the whole screen is complicated and changeable. The same goes for its steel structure. Each single piece of screen needs to be individually customized as there is almost no two pieces of screen with the same shape and size.


After designing drawings and precise calculations, ZonePro's engineers finally determined that the entire display will be divided into 120 small pieces. Each piece is about 1 meter wide and the height will be tailored to it actual size based on its location. During production, each display will be labeled and numbered according to its location, and it will be installed according to the label sequences. Finally, this project was successfully completed on schedule.

drawing of this project-02.jpg

drawing of this project.jpg

ZonePro’s drawing

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