ZonePro LED successfully installed 1100 sqm indoor led screen in Shanghai Platinum Hanjue Hotel

ZonePro LED successfully installed 1250 sqm indoor led screen in Shanghai Platinum Hanjue Hotel



Recently, a total of 1250indoor led panels was successfully installed in Shanghai Platinum Hanjue Hotel by ZonePro LED. This project consists of both conventional indoor led wallmount panels and custom&creative led panels. ZonePro is responsible for project planning, product customization, production and installation.


ZonePro installed 11 indoor led screens in 11 banquet halls in the hotel (Hall 180, 182, 186, 188, 286, 288, 301, 302, 303, 305), with a pixel pitch of P1.8/3/4 and a total area of 1250 square meters. 

indoor led video wall.jpg

Screen in Hall 301

The led screen in Hall 301 has a resolution of 8576*1280, a size of 34.3m*5.12m, and an area of more than 175 square meters. These screes can perfectly show high-definition picture quality and delicate color, providing large HD screens for banquet hall daily activities.

indoor led video wall-02.jpg

In addition to the conventional led screen, ZonePro customized seven P3 led screens for the hotel private rooms, with a total area of 63 square meters. The led screens in private rooms should perfectly fit the various shapes of the decoration. ZonePro adopts conventional modules and customized small-sized modules to realize various creative applications.

indoor led video wall-03.jpg

Creative screen in hotel private room

This is the main screen in one private room. 320*160mm large-size modules solve most of the required size on screen, and the remaining curved parts of the screen adopts a 80*80 small-size module, which can perfectly adapt to the client's decoration structures, and finally perfectly present various creative shapes.

led screen and drawing.jpg

Main screen and its design drawing

Shanghai Platinum Hanjue Hotel is located in Minhang District, Shanghai and it’s an high-star hotels under the Hanjue Group. Hanjue Group is a comprehensive hotel group integrating high-end hotels and large restaurants. 


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