zonePro LED MCO Series Launched for Outdoor Media Facade Application

zonePro LED's MCO Series Launched for Outdoor Media Facade Application



zonePro LED has developed several outdoor media panels such as MFO&USOASOFSO and SPA series. Recently zonePro released another  outdoor media fecade panel MCO series,which has many unique advantages compared with other outdoor media panels.

LED Media Facade-02.jpg

Traditional outdoor media panels are non-transparent,which means the screen will block the sunlight and affect indoor lighting.MCO is transparent and has a high transpareancy of 35%~70%.Sunlight can shine through the screen and into the buildings. Standing inside, you can enjoy the view from the windows.


View through the window and panel


MCO series weights only 21kg/㎡, 60% lighter than non-transparent panel,which is a better choice for outdoor media facade application.

MCO series uses module against strips.Modules are fully machine produced with higher reliability.Rated IP65, the panel repels the harshest of wet conditions.

Most of the parts are with floating air,so the heat dissipation is excellent and the extra cooling devices (AC) are unneeded.MCO has a very low power consumpation of max 360w/㎡.

Learn more about MCO series: MCO


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